Media Releases: 2009

Australia Post management is putting job security, workplace safety and pay at risk

Media Release - December 22, 2009

Australia Post executives are causing disruption of Christmas postal services by stubbornly refusing to negotiate with employees over job security, workplace safety and pay.

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Copenhagen climate conference fails to deliver a satisfactory deal to cut greenhouse gases

Media Release - December 19, 2009

At the close of the Copenhagen conference, world leaders must move to resume negotiation to tackle climate change, before it is too late.

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Australian PM raises stakes towards ‘grand bargain’

Media Release - December 17, 2009

Australia has moved the Copenhagen climate talks forward, with key advances outlined in Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s ‘grand bargain’ speech to world leaders now negotiating a global deal.

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Decisive action needed from PM as talks teeter

Media Release - December 16, 2009

As PM Kevin Rudd arrives in Copenhagen the leaders of the Southern Cross Climate Coalition (SCCC)has urged him to take decisive action to help haul the negotiations back on track.

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Increase in workplace deaths means health and safety laws need to be strengthened: new data

Media Release - December 11, 2009

A sharp rise in work-related fatalities last year shows that proposed new workplace health and safety laws need to be strengthened, not watered down.

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Abbott’s ‘no worker will be worse off’ claim is dishonest

Media Release - December 9, 2009

Liberal leader Tony Abbott’s claim that ‘no workers would be worse off’ under his industrial relations policy is patently dishonest.

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IR zealots Abbott and Abetz plan to bring back WorkChoices, remove No Disadvantage Test

Media Release - December 8, 2009

Liberal Leader Tony Abbott’s failure to rule out scrapping the No Disadvantage Test is a warning to working Australians that their pay and conditions will be at risk under a Coalition Government.

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New national VET regulator will help boost standards and quality of training

Media Release - December 8, 2009

Unions have welcomed the creation of a single national regulator of Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector as an important step towards higher standards in the sector.

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Westpac’s ‘community consultation’ is a public relations sham, say unions

Media Release - December 6, 2009

This week’s interest rate decision by Westpac is a slap in the face for customers and shows the bank is only paying lip service to community consultation.

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New Liberal plan to scrap job protections will hurt young and vulnerable workers

Media Release - December 4, 2009

Liberal leader Tony Abbott’s promise to exempt small business from unfair dismissal laws will expose millions of Australian workers to no job security.

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